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The Challenges of Being a Coach

June 29, 2021

One of the definitions of being a coach is to help a person take actions which support their wellbeing, every single day. I didn’t realize that I also need to take actions that support my motivation to coach, every single day as well. 

We live in a world where our idea of health is backwards. We talk about smoking cessation, but really have just made it unacceptable to smoke indoors; we talk about weight loss, when really the issue is changing poor nutrition habits. Ultimately, we do not address the issues at hand, we just side-step them. 

I know there is a better way to be healthy, a way where we are empowered from the inside, but I also now know with an ache in my heart that I am at the forefront of a movement that is counter-industry. A movement that rejects the status quo of substandard remedies. Where “less sick” is acceptable, instead of enjoying full recovery and freedom in health.  

There is a veil over our eyes, blinding us to the fact that we are autonomous over our own minds and bodies, and that health is an internal renewable resource. Because of our culture’s archaic system of lack, we look outside of ourselves to feel better, oftentimes being guided further into this scarcity narrative.  

As with any behaviour change, remaining motivated in my industry requires patience, and constant check-ins with a trusted source. As I walk along a path in wellness that is only beginning to unfold collectively, it can seem like a daunting task. Changing a habit, or changing an entire industry, requires faith and confidence. It’s important for me to remain connected to my purpose, my “why”. 

It is exciting to be on the leading edge of change. I would rather go through the challenges of helping people transform the way they think about their health, and experience the setbacks of going against the grain, than to simply be a follower and accept “less sick” as a sufficient way of life. 

Being able to hold space, and to help my clients come to an understanding of the power buried deep within them, is the joy of coaching. It is worth the moments of societal pushback and uncertainty of whether our structure will ever change, to continue my mission to help people heal and thrive.  

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