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Staying Focused

December 4, 2022

As I am having my morning coffee, looking out the window, I saw a little critter by the tree in front on the window. As first glance, I thought it was a rabbit. It’s looking pretty barren these days, and rabbits aren’t really out and about during this time in the season. Once it moved a bit and I looked more closely, I saw it was a very plump squirrel. I thought, “That little guy is going to make it through the winter”, and I pondered its tenacity. This is the only animal out, foraging right now. It’s minus 2 degrees, and this squirrel looks very ready to hibernate. So why is this little animal working so hard?

What is it about this squirrel that continues to work arduously in sub-zero weather, when all the other animals are trying to stay warm? This squirrel probably can afford to take at least a morning off and rest and be a bit more comfortable. Somehow, this little animal has an incredible will to survive the winter that’s fast approaching. This furry muse would rather be uncomfortable now, than be dying of starvation two months down the road.

I feel so incredibly encouraged by this little squirrel. I couldn’t even wake up an hour earlier to have a good mediation, and this little being is out there by themselves, going against nature to ensure their survival. I’m amazed. I’m also convicted of my sloth and my greed: sleeping in, spending money on frivolity this weekend when my credit score dropped considerably for this month of December and I still have debts I’m trying to clear up…I had a come-to-Jesus moment through the example of this incredible drive for life that I feel blessed to have witnessed.

I love when nature inspires me so profoundly. I really hope this squirrel makes it. Well, I hope all the animals make it. I also hope I can start to follow suit from my little furry friend. I start a new job next week. I will be commuting to the city core, which I have never done on a regular basis under a time constraint before. I will remember that I also want to survive and maybe even thrive. If this squirrel can work this hard, so can I.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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