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New Year Resolutions

December 31, 2020

During this pandemic, where so many of us are in some form of lockdown or another, the idea of making resolutions can feel impractical. But there is a way to have goals to work toward, even when we feel like we don’t have full power over our lives. We can still find ways to express our autonomy and muster the motivation to better ourselves. 

Here are five New Year resolutions that can uplift us, while still honouring our need to stay in at home. 

1) Regular Journaling. Writing down our thoughts and feelings are a great way to transfer any sort of nervous energy out of our minds, and onto paper (or a word processor!). Whether daily or a few times a week, having the consistency of writing can offer us solace in a world where we feel we don’t have much control. 

2) Meditating. Spending quiet time in solitude each day can offer a new way of interpreting our world. When we have the discipline to show up for ourselves and intentionally hold space to invite peace into our days, we can experience the aspiration to continue to find peace throughout our days as pressures might build up.

3) Helping Others. While we might not have as many opportunities to be of service during this time, when we think of others, we are less likely to be wrapped up in our own vexations. People are hard-wired to help: it lifts us up and is often the remedy for self-pity. Give someone a phone call, send a text, write a letter, pay a compliment, and observe how you feel.  

4) Practicing Patience. Something a lot of us can agree on is that 2020 planted seeds of patience. Waiting to go back to work, spending all day all night with the same people, waiting for a vaccine…a lot of patience has been required of us this past year. Why not refine this skill in 2021? Finding ways to strengthen your patience, to quiet intolerance, might be the greatest attribute you do for yourself this new year.  

5) Getting Creative. While journaling is a fantastic way to be expressive, there are so many doors that pandemic life can open for us, while those on physical buildings are closed. Maybe you always wanted to paint, or dance, or even learn an instrument, to name a few, or maybe you want to take this precious time to build on something you already know. Many businesses are still operating on telecommunication platforms like Zoom, and this might be the perfect time to find that vulnerable space that can launch a new creative project! 

While we do see a light at the end of this dark tunnel, the reality is that nothing truly changed in our world at midnight on December 31st. There are some people who really don’t see a point in making resolutions this year, who are so hurt and dejected by this virus, that optimism seems like a pipe dream. But collectively, we have experienced an energetic shift, and that can gain momentum. We can use this opportunity to refresh our weary spirits.

There are always ways to find peace, to still the fear, and to be inspired to grow. My hope is that some of these tips can offer some comfort that can be built upon, and that we as a global community put wellbeing in the forefront, so that we might never have a pandemic like this in our lifetimes again.

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