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My Scope of Practice

October 22, 2022

As a health coach, I must work within a “scope of practice”, which means there are limitations to how I can professionally work with a client. Health coaches are not therapists, and we can’t diagnose mental illness, but as someone who has struggled with mental health for decades, and who is coming up to 9 years of sobriety as a direct defense against my mental illness, I know all too well the more metaphysical (and even physical) trials and tribulations on this plane.

Therefore, I am committed to helping others achieve the same level of spiritual and material success that I have managed, and my intention is to help identify blocks and then remove them through honest reflection and goal-setting, in order to alleviate all sorts of mental and physical afflictions.

It is my desire to help anyone who is willing to explore and change their thoughts and actions in order to feel and act more empowered in this world. Please reach out to me if you are seeking help. I also hope to add a newsletter feature as soon as my web administrator/boyfriend can help.

Love and peace to all 🌸

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