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Leading with Humility

November 26, 2022

Below is a quote from a clip that I saw on YouTube. It’s from Joe Dispenza, and while he generally teaches New Age principles which I no longer condone, his message of unity is exactly what I stand for. I thought his statement was so good, that I took the effort to type it out verbatim so I could post it here.

What he advocates is nothing short of revolutionary, and it can therefore feel unsettling. But as I continue on in my life, and as I take my losses and wins with stride and grow in humility and reliance on my higher power, I believe we must continue this uncomfortable path of removing the armor of the ego, and begin to experience the safety and reinforcement of the armor of God that replaces it.

I consider what Dispenza is saying to be the root of all healing of generational trauma, and that it is the necessary formula to begin to move into a new social contract. I believe that we are fundamentally cooperative beings rather than competitive, but that pride and greed cause us to stumble into cowardice and selfishness. Leading through example is the best way to facilitate change.

“We share the same biology, we share the same brain. Because of this, we have certain universal traits that are unique to human beings: we smile when we’re happy, we frown when we’re sad, we sleep at night for the most part, we grab a stick with an opposable thumb. Structure and function are highly related, and those are universal traits. Then we have our individual traits, and that is kind of like how the brain is wired, that’s like our fingerprint as opposed to our hand. So we have an individual series of traits that make us unique and we have our universal traits, but what bridges the universality of us and the commonality as human beings with our individuality, and that’s culture.

Culture, really is defined for the most part by the past; what has worked over generations, or traditions that have sustained the culture based on one thing, and that one thing is environment. A culture in northern Mongolia is certainly different than a culture in southern Mexico, because it’s a different environment and those different customs that are created from that environment allow that culture to sustain itself. So look at great people in history that have changed the culture, whether it was Gandhi, whether it was William Wallace, whether it was Joan of Arc, whether it was Martin Luther King, whoever it was that changed the culture. What they did really well, was they showed people that there was an alternative future that they could actually believe or perceive in their mind.

Now, you can’t see that future if you’re living by the same emotions of the past, and for most people, they live by the emotions of the past. What you have to do is you have to get people out of their resting state. They have to become inspired, they have to become enthusiastic – entheos: filled with God. They have to become motivated in some way, they have to be moved. And when they are moved emotionally, then that energy, that emotion causes them to see the same future as that leader sees, and when you get people seeing that same future and they have that clear intention, and you combine that with a different emotion, you’re changing people’s state of being,

Now, get enough people doing that, and what happens is you get an emergent consciousness. Emergence in biology is such a phenomenal thing, because when you see a group of birds or a flock of birds flying in the same direction or a school of fish moving together, they appear as a larger organism. When you study that principle in biology, you think that there’s a leader that everybody is following, that it’s a top to down phenomenon. In fact it’s not. It’s a bottom up phenomenon, and everybody is leading. Everybody is behaving in the same way, and the appearance of a larger organism becomes more sustainable for that species.

We have a stigma in our minds that that if you lead with too much passion, you’re going to get it in the end. Whether you’re Jesus Christ or Abraham Lincoln or William Wallace, whoever it was, the outcome for truth is you usually lose your life. But the real question is, what if everybody is leading? You just can’t take out everybody. So this is a really important time because the emergent consciousness that has to take place has to be built on principles. And principles that people can actually wrap their mind around. They have to keep their mind on it for a period of time where they’re not distracted by technology. They’re not distracted by TikTok and they’re not distracted by social media and they’re not distracted by the news. The eminent condition of the world right now and the way things are going based on self-interests are all based on survival, and you can control people when you control their emotions, and when you control their emotions you control their attention. And if you can capture a person’s attention you can capture their energy, because where you place your attention is where you place your energy. So you can actually program people to do anything based on the emotion they feel, and fear is a great emotion to cause people to rely on some authoritative figure to lead them away.

Something has to be born in human beings that is already innate in us. And that is the power to organize as a species. When we begin to heal one another, when we begin to inform one another, when we begin to respect one another, when we begin to shine for one another, when we begin to stand up for one another, when we begin to learn these abilities and then demonstrate to people that there are other ways of doing things and share that right information, an emergent consciousness will actually take place.”

Joe Dispenza
A flock of birds appearing as one organism

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