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Jesus Calling

December 26, 2022

I’ve been trying to stay off YouTube, as it steals my serenity and my attention away from the things that truly matter, such as my relationship, but I watched some Shorts today, and I found out some shocking news about a famous dancer who killed himself two weeks ago. During the pandemic, I had briefly joined TikTok, and I first saw this person, dancing with his beautiful wife. I was actually envious of them: their fantastic dance videos that sometimes featured their cute kids made me feel like I was missing something. I’ve been working on my envy, most notably since the end of the fall, and when I came across one their videos today I found myself thinking, “Well, they are picture perfect, but pictures often don’t tell the full story.” Then I scrolled down to the next video, and couldn’t believe to see that he had taken his own life, and right before Christmas, at that.

I immediately began searching online for more details of this tragedy, and I came across a video compiling celebrity messages about his untimely death. The messages were similar in feedback: that he was of light and love and positivity, and I considered how much we can hurt ourselves when we hide our pain behind these New Age principles. This is the entire reason why I deactivated my Facebook account – I realized that I was existing from a fake persona of positivity that I needed to reign back in, in order to truly begin healing some core wounds that I was concealing with love and light programming.

I am so saddened that we have collectively been so overcome with darkness and delusion that people who are described as “love and light”, are actually being lost to such severe forms of depression and separation. We have lost our way. I feel so validated today in having released myself from the hamster wheel that social media had me running myself to exhaustion on. This media personality’s death is a collective failure. We need to return to the one true God, not this New Age nonsense that has us all unable to be real and honest. We must learn to effectively defend ourselves against darkness and the forces that want to destroy us, which they do in the guise of love and light.

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