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Introducing my Health Coach Services

December 29, 2021

A few ways that health coaches are different from life coaches or therapists, is we focus on the positive, and we don’t go into the past, unless to recall success stories to determine what methods were in play during those positive moments. This is a way to see if any of those approaches can be used again.  

A health coach does not try to offer advice or teach their clients. We believe that you are your own best teacher, we simply help uncover the truth behind a person’s actions or inactions, with gentleness and compassion. We are your cheerleaders. 

My ultimate purpose as a coach is to help empower, so that a person can increase their self-awareness, and intentionally live their life in a way that supports wellbeing, every single day. 

Let me help you discover your hidden talents and gifts, so that you can apply them abundantly in your life. Contact me for more information on my one-on-one services, and stay tuned for announcements on virtual group events.  

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