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For the Hope of “Safety” (More Musings on Human Nature)

January 22, 2022

I used to feel insecure about my religiosity. Atheists, agnostics, or spiritualists from Eastern or New Age philosophies and religions seemed to have a laid back persona that I was envious of. I didn’t like that I had tunnel vision on one spiritual outcome. There was a part of me that felt less than, or that I was viewed as simple, stupid, or just outright naïve. I coveted the social media presence of my more cosmopolitan friends, and wished I could be “normal”.

But what I have realized as we enter the third year of the pandemic, with no real improvement to the virus going away or with public health measures being particularly helpful, is that the majority of Canadians, for whatever reason, are naturally inclined to accept dogma and obey without question, and it started with chanting a “new normal”, which I found distasteful from the moment those words were first uttered. From encouraging each other on Facebook and Instagram to stay at home to “flatten the curve”, to wearing masks, to now attacking the unvaccinated via promptings of the Prime Minister, the majority of Canadians have done the bidding of what has shown to be an authoritarian government.

After seeing the conversion of so many people parroting officials, I don’t anticipate feeling badly or unevolved that I follow the clear Light of Jesus ever again. Rather, I know even more now that he is the mediator of a reliable and identifiable Higher Power which helps ground me so that the media, whether social or traditional, doesn’t become my compass.

This pandemic has indeed proven to be a sort of religion. People believe without evidence and offer their freedoms up without question, only in the hope that their actions, told to be the only way, will be their salvation. It started with frightening people into submission, but it turned into the erosion of basic human rights that echo totalitarian regimes from a not so distant past.

Fortunately, countries around the world are starting to say no to heavy-handed measures. Since the Trudeau government has conflicts of interest with the CBC, and the top federal health officials have personal interests in the WHO as well as with Pfizer, the narrative here in Canada is still unyielding, but with the FDA losing a lawsuit, where it must release all of the safety data of the mRNA “vaccines” by the end of the summer, it is only a matter of time before the government accepts it will never get 100% vaccination. With Omicron being 10 times less severe than COVID (and COVID being 10 times more serious than the flu, thereby rendering this pandemic over), and with the vaccines not preventing disease (thereby rendering the injections to be misidentified by the very definition of immunization), the public is becoming much less in need of salvation, and much more open to conversation about solutions other than vaccination.

I accept that currently my views are aligned with the right, which is highly unpopular today, but as a Bible-reading, church attending, almsgiving Christian, I’m well familiar with being on the side with less numbers, as unfortunate as I find that. The truth is, I’m center left-leaning; it’s the government that is not looking left and is supporting more fascist values than liberal. My dad said that there is no true allegiance to parties, we simply inform ourselves before elections, and then vote according to whatever platform we most agree with. I thought, because I do identify with the undying, unwavering allegiance to ideologies which recruit the fearful, that we pick a party and stick with it, for better or for worse. Today I understand what he meant. The travesties of the Canadian government, across all parties and all levels, not only brought me back to the political arena, but it showed me that conflicts of interest make people unreliable, and therefore, untrustworthy. With this weakness, and seemingly tendency, in our general nature, I might come off as right-leaning one election, and left-leaning the next, depending on what the party is advocating.

All in all, I continue to focus on my faith, on my recovery, and on my wellness coaching, with only brief waves of political discourse. That is because I understand the average person is a) busy with life to do research on their spare time, b) is still in a state of fear from messaging for the past two years and just wanting a solution, and c) are generally good people who don’t want to rock the boat or get flagged online. I respect fully all of these factors, and I am in a position to present this information with the most unbiased facts that I can, through my background in debating and academia, so I feel it’s fitting to do so. I have always cared about this planet, and its people and other life forms on it, and the direction the Canadian government is unacceptable.

The majority of patients here in Ontario who are in the hospital and ICU are vaccinated, and well spoken media hosts who are now challenging the narrative are attracting over a million of views within a day of posting, when previously those voices were silenced. The tide is turning. Though Trudeau tries to create more situations with a ban on American unvaccinated truckers and near impossible demands for unvaccinated Canadian truckers, which will cause supply-chain disruptions that I imagine will remind us of the traumatizing early days of the pandemic when we saw empty shelves, along with the horrific laws that are being passed in Quebec, the world around us is nevertheless beginning its deconstruction from the Church of COVID. (Edit: As I prepare this blog for publication, I heard about a huge strike from the truckers that might be precisely what we collectively need to get out of these lockdowns and segregation).

People who have been advocating natural medicine, natural immunity, and terrain theory have been discredited and demonized, very similar to the witch-hunts of our earlier days. I am not absolved from jumping on the bandwagon, and I have some deep regrets of how I treated certain parts of the pandemic as I towed the party line. While I can’t go back and change how I responded in that first year, I can make amends today by being more brave in defending what I believe to be honourable and right. Today this minority voice of alternative roads of recovery from this horrific time in history is growing stronger, and this time, I will take a chance, and I will follow my heart.

My safety is no longer found in a system that is building, and has been built for hundreds of years, on hatred, intolerance, and scapegoatism. My safety rests in knowing that my heart will always guide me to my true voice, which will always speak for mercy, justice, and dignity of the person; that is true inclusion.

Edit (May 7, 2022) – Our Prime Minister called a State of Emergency three weeks into the protest, which devastated the movement. Even UN police were on site. The legacy media will have the average citizen believe it was unrelated, but it was evident through their uniforms that some of the officers were not Canadian military or law enforcement, and there is/was a video of a UN aircraft in northern Ontario. Through the emergency laws, all of the funds were confiscated (the Convoy raised tens of millions of dollars), people who donated had their bank accounts frozen, people who were active with the group online were visited by the provincial police in acts of intimidation, tow truck companies that would not agree to remove the trucks were forced to tow, and lead organizers were arrested, with two in particular who are still being held without bail. Days after the Ottawa protest was squashed, Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine, and the dissenting voices were once again silenced by the media. Nevertheless, the passport and mask mandates were dropped in March (with no recognition of the Trucker’s work in this happening). We won this battle, but the war is not over. It’s an ugly fight, but yesterday the official Convoy Facebook page posted a positive turn of events, which included the re-introduction of its website, Freedom Convoy 2022, which was taken offline in February. I recommend everyone watch their short film. God speed.

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