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Correcting Error

April 29, 2022

I’ve been considering what dominant sins show up, or have shown up, in my life and how I can best challenge them when I feel triggered and they threaten to interfere with my goals. I reviewed the chart I made in a previous post, and have devised an even simpler outline of how I think anyone can neutralize an attack of sin. The antidote is just two behaviours, and below is how I matched them up:


To clarify terms, service is any act of sacrifice or love, where one acts out of selfless accord to help someone with no expectation (or probability) of material reward, though I often like to think of service as “paying it forward”. Abstinence is avoiding anything that can cause the person to fall into sin, and I believe a season of complete abstinence from debilitating habits can help reprogram a person’s tendency to the sin, until a more healthy and balanced relationship with the action can be established. Abstinence can work where moderation or alternatives have failed.

As with everything in my life, I need to keep it very simple, and I believe this chart is an easy and practical way to combat destructive patterns in my life. As one of my new favourite preachers, Robbie Symons says, though sin no longer reigns in the believers life, it still survives. I believe that even the most deadly of sins can be neutralized and corrected, and I hope that this chart can help others also challenge the sin in their lives so that more and more people can be brought to know the peace that Jesus and his apostles fought for.

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