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Active Participation

November 13, 2022

After a bit of an “off” day and lousy weather, I reflected on how the things I watch influence me. After a long nap that gave me a bit of a reset, I realized how if I want to maximize my peace of mind, I have to be so vigilant of what I watch. For me, this even includes “informative” podcasts, because I end up coveting those endeavors and wonder if I too could build a business as a video content creator.

Ultimately what I realized, though, is that I must focus on my program of recovery, putting that first. As a YouTuber, I know through and through that I would invite chaos into my life, because Internet 2.0 (the comments section) is inherently disagreeable. I must put the kingdom of heaven first, and trust that all else will flow from that.

As I scrolled through YouTube and Netflix today, I searched for uplifting things in the algorithm. Front and centre was a “feel good” Christmas movie that I debated watching, until I realized how corrupted it was. The trailer showed a newly engaged woman have a bad skiing accident, where a handsome young man helps nurse her back to life, and where a budding romance ensues between them. I have watched enough movies to know the rest: after the palatable tension of forbidden love, they succumb to their desires and live happily even after.

I believe it’s in these Hollywood messages that come across to us in the most colorful, bubbly, and innocent ways, that slowly infiltrates our thinking and corrodes our values piecemeal. Instead of us considering character building over comfort, and looking at why we want to be unfaithful, or instead of looking at why we commit to situations that don’t edify us or build our relationship with God, we retreat into fantasy and lusts of the flesh that hurt us. And the media tells us not only is this okay, but that it’s actually “normal”.

In this midnight, I release the idea that I can pass free time scrolling through the algorithm, believing that these are harmless distractions. As new creations in Christ, We are taught to resist the devil. When I passively scroll, I am only inviting destruction into my mind. Destruction of my serenity, of my ambitions, and of my connection in this world.

As I await a new dawn, I recommit myself to the way, the truth and the life; the only solution for my dis-ease and the only strength that can hold up against the enemy which seeks only to destroy, is to actively participate in my own salvation from the prince of this world who wants to tear people and relationships apart.

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