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About Me

I’ve been interested in developing myself for as long as I can remember. From releasing my teenage angst with music and poetry, to learning about philosophy in postsecondary education, I sought to under myself and the world about me. I note my wellness journey truly taking shape in 2006, when I took my first kundalini yoga class. I went on to attain my level 1 teaching certificate, and soon after that I began a deep search within the Christian mysteries to further my spiritual healing.

Around this same time I began to get help for a drug and alcohol dependency that I had developed since I was in high school. This catapulted my spirituality and wellness to new heights, where I met so many amazing people who helped contribute to the wholehearted individual that I am today.

This website is a demonstration of the hard work I have put into my own wellness over the years. Whether I have the privilege to coach you, or to simply provide a resource through this platform for your own health and wellness, I hope to remind you that while we might not always feel that we have full control in our lives, we can always take steps toward our own empowerment.