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A Servant Heart

August 26, 2022

As I returned from my first experience at a halotherapy session and basked in how good I felt, I recognized that one of the reasons it was so wonderful, is because Travis at the front desk went what I believe was above and beyond what was required of him for us to have a great experience.

I’ve been meditating a lot this past week about what it means to be of service. I can see how my days go by so much more pleasantly when I have a servant heart, and so I have been working hard to quiet my ego which rebels at the thought of being second or of going unnoticed.

What made Travis’ customer service so exceptional, was that he took the time to explain the services, he was happy to bring us free water from the cooler instead of requiring us to buy the mineral bottled water, and after our treatment he gave us a tour of the entire facility, which includes other amenities. It is truly in the caring of other people’s feelings and needs that make our lives and those we are helping so much more enriched. And while I was the recipient of this service in this example, I have countless opportunities a day to support others, in turn.

As I continue to muse over what makes me feel happy and free, and what brings meaning into my life as I learn to live responsibly, I wonder how I can most positively interpret the world around me. As I wrap up the final season of Downton Abbey, the head housekeeper, Mrs. Hughes reflects on one of the maids leaving to become a secretary which happened at the beginning of the series. To jump socioeconomic rank was a radical and seemingly impossible act in the Victorian era. However, with the turn of a century which entailed the decline of the aristocracy after the first World War, it was in fact becoming more common for people to have more opportunities and freedom, and to that note Mrs. Hughes says in her Scottish accent, “In the new century, anything is possible.”

Being enthralled by the lives of the characters in Downton Abbey, watching them experience incredible shift, I realized that exactly 100 years later, I too am in an incredible time: in a new century, brimming with possibility, especially after a disruptive pandemic. As I ponder what could be next, I recall all of the Aquarian Age teachings that I am familiar with from my days as a kundalini yoga practitioner. I consider a society that is open, free, and fair, but question how we can make that a reality. I suspect the way is still the Way of the Christ – through a servant heart.

How best can I show up in my day, and how best can I care for those with whom I am entrusted to do so? When I can answer that and act on it honestly and with integrity, when I sincerely approach others with the desire to help and even uplift, I find myself being inspired. Even though we have our challenges, with more to come, I really do feel like I am living in a new Golden Age, brimming with possibility. I choose to seize the moment, and with a servant heart, ask what I can give, not what I can take, “for it is in giving that we receive.” (Saint Francis).

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